Carousel of Possible Dreams

STXBP1 and the Global Genes Carousel of Possible Dreams

STXBP1 Disorders/Foundation needs your help to fulfill our Possible Dream!

Our DREAM is to build a better future and ultimately cure our children with STXBP1 Disorders! In order to achieve this, we will hold the first ever global workshop/conference where families can learn about current research in STXBP1, communicate their vision of success, and where we will ultimately devise a long-term strategy in which we invest our resources. With the support of our global families and world-class scientific advisors we will Lead the Charge for a Cure.

We have endless gratitude for Global Genes and Festival of Children for bringing awareness to our beautifully, rare children.

OUR GOAL: $40,000

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We have taken on the challenge as a team to raise these critical funds. With YOUR support, our team can do it. Every gift counts. Together, we can turn our DREAM into REALITY!